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3 places to avoid in Nakuru if you are a Christian

Tim Nyabande
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A view of Nakuru as approached at Section 58 Interchange. [Source/Ben Omwaka]

If you are a member of Christianity, there are places that will darken your heart if you visit.

1.    Kanu StreetThe flesh peddlers on this street will definitely tempt your Christianity. They might even force you to bed them if the business has been bad on that day.Thou shall not fornicate or commit adultery is a virtue that is put to serious test. Avoid Kanu Street.2. DumuThis is Nakuru's Sodom and Gomorrah. The place, at Maili Sita, is littered with shitty hookers. Those whose expiry date is long overdue, unless you are the dirty Christian who enjoys sinning under the crowd of darkness, avoid this place.Rooms here go for Sh100 and hookers charge 100 bob too, but hookers can lower their price if you want.But you might check in on January and wake up at the end of February. By that time, your phone will have been sold and the cash used to purchase fertilizer for the planting season.3.  Three WaysIf you are a pastor, your faithful might spot you walking along this red light street and think otherwise of you.Sex girls here grope men without shame. It is a no-go zone.#hivisasaoriginal

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