Meeting your fiancee's parents means a real commitment to the relationship. 

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This signals the yearning to keep her close and finally seal the deal by putting a ring on it. Parents are the approving agents and your reaction towards them will determine whether it’s a thumb down or up. 

Normally, this is the best moment to show the good side of you. But guys, sometimes, become nervous, sweaty and timid. Such actions can only make the entire visit worse.Remember, you’re only there to know her parents and most importantly, get their endorsement. Here are some of the things to keep in mind as you enter the house:1. Confidence Will Earn You Points Don’t be jittery; they’re just normal humans who happen to be in charge of your future wife.Differences in social status between you and them should not be a source of negation to your commitment. Don’t be silly and address them with their real names; simply quote ‘Mr and Mrs’2. The ‘D-day’ sex is out of the equation It’s not very common but some guys will end up getting intimate at the girl’s house in case of a sleepover. Don’t! The moment you entered the house and greeted her dad, he must have looked at you and thought to himself…’so this is the dude smashing my daughter?’ They already know that, so you don’t have to extend the habit to their surroundings.3.  A present for her mum is a must  One way of appreciating the woman who took great care of your future wife is gifting. Ladies love gifts – mostly flowers in this case. Gifts add weight to the normal ‘thank you Mrs…. for taking care of this beauty ’conundrum.4. Compliments are necessary but should be limited  An opening statement like ‘Thank you Mrs. Waweru, I love your dress' or ‘Hello Mr. Waweru, that’s a nice jacket’ will work best but don’t get into redundant details like who’s the maker, its price or size. You’ll spoil the mood with your talkative tendencies.5. Reply to Her Parents’ Queries like A Pro You are in the hot seat the moment your foot stepped into that house. Questions-some simple and others hard- will come from both sides. Give simple and straight answers. Don’t guess through for those that you lack the answers