The mystery surrounding a stowaway who was discovered in a London garden is likely to deepen, following the Sky News article.

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In an investigative piece, the British media company identified the victim as Paul Manyasi, who worked at a cleaning company called Colnet.

A series of interviews led the reporters to the home of Isaac Beti, who had admitted in the report that indeed it was their son who had died.

But photos used in the story which has since been pulled down have caused more confusions, with the alleged father of the stowaway also making a u-turn.

According to the Nation, the photos used by Sky News belongs to Cedric Isaac Shivonje, the son of Beti; the man interviewed by Sky News.

Mr Shivonje, 25, on Wednesday confirmed that the photos used are his when the Nation visited him at Kamiti Maximum Prison where he's being held for unrelated case.

“I am alive, as you can see,” he said, flanked by his father Isaac Beti, 45, and Nairobi lawyer James Mbugua.

Shivonje said: “Those are my photos and they were taken from my Facebook page.”

Asked why he agreed with Sky News that some of the items recovered in London belonged to his son, Beti said he was sure that the son was in prison and wanted to 'protect' his identity.

“When the visitors came, they said they wanted to speak to me. They said my son was working at the airport. They asked me if I knew where he was working and I said ‘No’. They told me that my son died after hiding in a UK-bound flight.”

“When they showed me the photos, I told them that my son’s name is Cedric Shivonje Isaac … All this time, I knew my son was in remand but I could not reveal to them. I wanted to protect him,” he said.

The latest revelation has even caused more confusions. The alleged girlfriend of one Paul Manyasi is yet to show up. 

On Thursday, Sky News channel deleted the link to the article, raising further confusions about the identity of the man who fell from KQ plane on June 30th near Heathrow Airport.