Does the man you like so much going through a hard time falling in love?

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Is he too emotionally distant and you are wondering how to fix him up and change his mind about falling in love again?

Well, here are some ways on how to help him and fix him up.

1. Don’t chase him

Even if he is emotionally distant, don’t chase him.

Just play cool and give him time for him to finally chase you.

2. Open up

Have you asked yourself that maybe the reason as to why he is scared to open to you is because you don’t open up to him?

In order to resolve this, you should open up to him, in order to make him feel free opening up to you.

3. Be his friend

Somehow, maybe the reason as to why the guy is not able to commit himself to you is because he is going through a hard time.

Therefore, becoming his friend and helping him to resolve the issue can be the best thing to do.

4. Surprise him with a “no.”

If you’ve been a yes type of a woman, saying no sometimes can work better.

That way, he will end up wondering why the sudden change and this will automatically make him realize the situation.

5. Date other men

It’s been long since he said “wait for me” and he is not doing anything.

To trigger him, just try to date other men and this will make him jealous forcing him to make a move.