Mombasa residents have a new mode of transport thanks to the introduction of new models of tuk-tuks nicknamed as ‘V8’ tuk-tuks. 

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The three-wheeled motorcycle attracts celebrity status due to its resemblance to the most coveted Toyota V8.

The new arrival has adjustable windows, four doors and an AC system that will regulate temperatures in the usually hot port city. 

These features will ensure that customers are comfortable regardless of the weather conditions.

Another great feature that threatens to face out the older versions is its interior decor. The locomotive has leather finishes that make it as cool as a posh car. It is also spacious and has an arm rester for extra comfort. Additionally, its radiator has a 2-litre capacity coolant making it able to be used for long distances. 

For business people planning to invest in the transport sector, the ‘V8’ has a lower fuel consumption compared to the models currently in the market. Its engine capacity is 150cc. This is 50cc less than the older models. It will indeed take a great share of customers who use tuk-tuks in Mombasa County.

Besides the great news that will revolutionise transportation in Mombasa and across the nation, a businessman dealing in the new tuk-tuks complained to the Daily Nation about poor port procedures that force them to hike prices by amounts as high as sh200,000. 

He said some of his cargo is destined for Mombasa, but it is transported to Nairobi and he must pay for its return to county 001 as well as the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) fee from Mombasa to Nairobi.

Watch a video of the ‘V8’ tuk-tuk here.