With the cold war between Deputy President Wiliam Ruto’s camp and pro-Uhuru/Raila camp escalating day in day out, Joshua Kutuny is in the matrix again.

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The outspoken Cherangany lawmaker hit out at the DP again over the weekend.

He termed the self-proclaimed hustler as a selfish leader whose interest is just to inherit President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2022.

The content of what he said alongside other legislators is not even my point of contest here.

But the political nemesis of the DP could just be increasing vocal attacks on him so as to gain fame in the North Rift politics.

With the DP being the region’s undisputed political kingpin, it is undoubtedly an uphill task for someone to fight him in his home turf.

I believe that Kutuny is using such attacks to launch a cold war with the DP prior to the 2022 polls.

The issue of maize scandals, Kimwarer and Arror dam scandals, graft allegations and referendum are among the key point of contest that Kutuny is accusing the DP of.

The fearless lawmaker is fond of raising political wars with the DP’s camp.

He had gone silent for a few weeks but now he has 'resurrected'.

Kutuny could be trying to lobby for the anti-Ruto campaigns in the DP’s home turf.

The reason for all these attacks just revolves around the MP's increasing his political fame and weighing his political abilities ahead of 2022.