Who owns Kenya? Former President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi is no doubt one of the richest Kenyans.  

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The family of the retired President led by his son Baringo Senator Gideon Moi controls a great part of this nation's economy. The history of this nation is incomplete without mentioning Moi. Take it or leave it, Moi runs Kenya.

The massive wealth has made the family remain powerful several years since Mzee left State House. Moi's influence is still being felt by many Kenyans.  

During his 24 years in power, Moi made a lot of wealth that has kept him at the top of the game. The former head of state has invested in different sectors of the economy including real estate, transport, education and hotel business among others.  

The list of properties owned by the former head of state is endless. 

The massive wealth is among the reasons that have made his son Gideon be considered one of the politicians who can ascend to power come 2022.  

Moi's family has an interest in several companies across the nation and overseas including but not limited to the following:

1. Maritime

2. Sielei properties Ltd

3. Kent ship

4. Revak Ltd

5. Forex Bureu

6. Giant Holdings

7. Sudbury Ltd

8. Westfield International

9. Metipso Services Ltd

 10. Chemusian Company

11.  Homestead Enterprises

12. Car Track Kenya Ltd

13.  Fresh Produce Ltd

14.  Equatorial Bank

15. Signon Freight

16. Eagles Airlines 

17.  American Bank

There are other sources that indicate that Moi’s family owns

18.  Taurino Enterprises

19. Equity Stock Brokers

20. Mugoya construction

21. Asian Roses

22. First Force Security Company

23. Giro Bank

24. Safariland Club

25. Regent Management 

26. Paradise Holdings

27. Tiger Farm Ltd

28. Sheraton Holdings

29.Gateway Properties inc

30.  Hahuru Investors

Moi's  family also owns Concord Holdings and Ectar Kenya Ltd, Transnational Bank, Sunshine National School,  Kabarak University,  Kabarak High School, Standard Media Group, Kiptagich Tea Estate, Ectar Kenya Ltd and Concord Holdings.