Arguments are normal and all sides are normally sure of a win basing on the grounds they base their arguments on.

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However,  there exists a clique of politicians from Luo Nyanza who are guaranteed of a win when you land into an argument, no matter how right you are.

Here they are.

1. Miguna Miguna

The former Nairobi gubernatorial aspirant is a native if Apondo in Nyando, Kisumu county and one of the worst persons you can engage in an argument in Kenya.

The daring lawyer always emerges the winner in such battles, using rare and sophisticated English words to brutalize his enemies.

Most of his battles are done on social media which he has since adopted as his platform to communicate with fellow Kenyans after his deportation to Canada early last year.

Such in 2017 when a Twitter user asked him what he used to do before becoming a blogger and Miguna simply replied "Your mother's caretaker," and that was the end of it.

Here is the tweet.

2. Raila Odinga

The opposition leader is considered the de facto kingpin of Luo Nyanza, and the man most of the area's elected leaders have to thank for their elections.

Though Raila hardly engages anyone in an argument, any attempt to challenge him will subject one to attacks and brutal bashings from his many foot soldiers.

These are usually his loyal and allies holding elective seats and are on most occasions led by Suna East lawmaker Junet Mohammed. 

This forces most people to remain silent for fear of more attacks.

3. Tom Kajwang

The Ruaraka lawmaker is a brother to Homa Bay senator Moses Kajwang and former holder of the seat Otieno Kajwang who was also very vocal.

What makes it dangerous to argue with him is his large voice and his inability to control it during such encounters, ending up shouting.

Such was witnessed in parliament during the debate on an additional 8 per cent tax in September 2018 when he kept shouting "I oppose," on the floor of the house.

He went ahead to shout down Majority Leader Aden Duale, forcing the highest government representative in the house to retreat and sink into his chair.

Here is the clip.