Governor Mike Sonko's trial on his eloquence in American accent has continued to excite Kenyans with his fellow leaders not left behind.

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When making opening remarks at the Blue Economy Conference in Nairobi early this week, Sonko threw a few punchlines of American accent, exciting the crowd.

During the closing ceremony, Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho joined Kenyans in perhaps mocking Sonko's attempt in a video that has since gone viral.

"It has been indeed a successful conference and credit goes to Nairobi and Kenya at large. We have just demonstrated our ability.

"To Governor 047, thank you for inviting us to the 'cirry'. In deed kila Mtu amejua Sonko akiamua vingine, Nairobi is the headquarra," he said amid laughter.

The two governors have had their academic qualifications questioned over years with Joho facing numerous court cases over the same.

Over 17,00 guests from around the world visited Kenya for the conference which was jointly co- hosted with Canada and Japan.

Mr Sonko floored Evans Kodero of ODM and the governorship is his third electoral post he has served in after winning Makadara constituency and Nairobi senatorial race.

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