An internship is a skill acquiring training graduates go through after graduating to equip them with the necessary skills required in the job market. 

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An intern who is willing to get hired or land a job after his/her internship has to work to his/her level best to impress the supervisor as well as the colleagues and leave an impressive legacy.

To make most out of your internship, here's what you must ensure you do before your interning period comes to an end;

1. Make networks

Your internship is the best time to make networks. Never shy away from talking to a person who is in line with your career. This will help you build connections that can greatly pay off in the future. Never undermine anyone due to their present position, the junior members in the organization might offer valuable information as well as new graduates can share their success story and psyche you up.

2. Ask for advice

As an intern, remember you are there to learn and get the skills needed for the job you desire to get. Keep in mind that the supervisors and CEOs were once interns and you could rely on them to give you career advice among much more.

3. Grab a letter of recommendation

It does not matter whether you interned in a different field than you studied. A recommendation letter from your supervisor can highlight impressive assets that can be applied in any field and this will help you update your resume.