Valentines' Day is around the corner and you may be wondering what to do for that special person in your life.

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As you plan for the Valentines' day, think about spending your time with your loved one in romantic places in Garissa.

Garissa offers a variety romantic places that will melt your special one's heart.

Here is the places you should consider visiting this Valentines' Day in Garissa.

1.Arawale National Reserve 

It is an amazing reserve park with beautiful conservations.

It is a flatty plain with thorny bush and variety of wild animals mostly the gazelles and giraffes.

It offers good site for picnic and animal viewing.

2. Garissa community giraffe center

 It is full of giraffes that are attracted by the abundant acacia trees.

It is a best place to snap memorable romantic pictures as you mingle with giraffes.

The center is 3 kilometers drive from Garissa town.

She will love you more if you consider taking her to this place.

3. Nomad Palace hotel

It is the most popular hotel in Garissa town and offers best accommodation and other services at pocket friendly prices.

It is frequented by prominent and high profile people.

You can consider spending time at the top hotel this valentines day.

4. Boni National Reserve 

It is located on the Somalia border.

Inside the park, you will get to enjoy the green environment that is excellent for picnics and snapping.

You will not regret if you consider spending time in one of these places in Garissa County.

All the best as you share love this Valentines season.