The case of Joshua Waiganjo, the man accused of impersonating a senior police officer, has taken an interesting twist during hearing in a Nakuru Court.

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The high court in Nakuru stopped a lower court from making a ruling in the case where Waiganjo is being charged alongside two other people.

The two other accused persons in the case are former Rift Valley Provincial Police Commissioner John M’Mbijiwe and former Anti-Stock Theft Unit Commandant Michael Remi Ngugi.

During the case hearing, the office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) filed an application to stop the magistrate’s court from making a ruling in the case.

In the application by DPP, through senior assistant Daniel Karuri, stopped principal magistrate Joe Omido from closing the case without having the investigating officers testify.

The lower court was also accused that on August 28, 2017 the case was closed without giving the prosecution enough time to present its witness.

The DPP wants the high court to allow for the case facing the three accused to be reopened and allow the three witnesses to testify.

The witnesses include the superintendent of police Fatuma Hadi, Gidieon Kimilu and Joseph Ngisa, who investigated the case.

M’Mbijiwe and Ngugi are being accused of irregularly using their office to recruit Waiganjo who was masquerading as a senior police officer for more than five years.

Nakuru high court judge Joel Ngugi in his ruling stayed proceedings before the lower court pending the hearing and determination of the application by DPP.

The case will be heard on March 28.