Education Cabinet Secretary nominee George Magoha, who is known for his no-nonsense character, was on Thursday seen angered by Nominated MP David Ole Sankok's questions.

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Magoha had appeared before Parliament committee during the vetting exercise that saw different legislators ask quite a number of questions.

Magoha was questioned on various issues, including his experience, management style, among others, that would affect his performance.

However, things didn't go well when Sankok raised a question on conflict of interest. 

He challenged Magoha to explain how he intended to ensure that he shared public appointments fairly despite joining a Ministry that has three senior government officials coming from the same community.

"I am sure there shall be several boards under you in the Ministry of Education..having CAS coming from Siaya and Administrative Secretary of Education coming from Siaya county, how will you ensure that other parts get a share of the cake when it comes to appointments," Sankok posed.

The question rubbed Magoha the wrong way as he defiantly said that he has taken the job because he believes he was the best to serve Kenyans in that capacity.

“I would like to believe that the reason I was given this job is that I am best qualified to serve Kenyans. I do not think I was put here to represent Jaluos so don’t take me there," he said.

“If you don’t want me to serve Kenyans, I will go do other things. So please don't take me there. I am the wrong person to represent political interests because am very apolitical,” he added.