There was drama on Wednesday at Bonyansiaga village in Sameta, Kisii County after a local pastor was forcibly evicted from a funeral. 

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It is alleged that Emmanuel Ogendi was preaching against "touchy" subjects which did not sit very well with the mourners.

"Ogendi was preaching against immorality while urging mourners to advise youths to stop engaging in illicit sex with livestock as well as widows to stop accepting underage boys to inherit them. One of the mourners was angered, he grabbed a microphone from the pastor before other mourners frogmarched and whisked the pastor away," said an eye witness, Catherine Kerubo.

Another witness, Philip Mabuka said the pastor was humiliated because he was preaching against the expectations of the mourners. 

"Most of the mourners were not happy because the pastor was speaking the truth. It is shameful for the man of God to be manhandled in public," said Mabuka.

Area assistant chief Lawrence Ombui condemned the mourners saying the pastor was preaching the reality of what is happening in Kisii presently.

"People should not attend a funeral with aims to evict pastors. It is important for locals to listen to what pastors preach," said the chief.

The funeral, however, proceeded after the standoff.