Suspected thugs in Mombasa have come up with a new way of stealing from residents. The suspects, who are in most cases in a company of two men, are using motorcycles to snatch residents' belongings before speeding off from the crime scene.

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The suspects will first approach a target from behind and even go past him or her. This will enable them with their eyes to quickly scan what the target is carrying what is easily reachable with fewer struggles. They even give greetings at this point.

They suddenly stop and start working on their motorbike. The target will go past them without suspecting anything.

The suspect will then restart their bike and from behind snatch belongings like handbags, or mobile phone and speed off.

On Monday evening, one man had his laptop bag snatched near Star of the Sea High School when he was heading towards Ferry.

"They have just greeted me here, I never suspected them, I could not even see their bike number because their bike's lights were completely switched off," revealed Kevin.

Kevin, a student at one of the university campuses in Mombasa was heading home from evening classes at around 7:30 pm before they snatched his laptop and textbooks inside the bag.

One eye witness said he had spotted the same bike in Kibokoni.

"Hawa jamaa ni wa Kibokoni, wamenipita nikiwa hapo posta, huwa nawaona na hii piki piki isiyo na taa,'' said the eye witness.