It is without a doubt that there are hundreds of Kikuyu gospel artistes who specialise in well crafted worship music that not only takes you down on your knees, but also gives you a deeper understanding of true Christian worship.

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From renowned and well established artistes to upcoming ones, you will agree that their music inspire and touch your soul big time. Nevertheless, there those who are the 'cream-de-la-cream' of Gikuyu worship music.

Below we briefly focus on five Gikuyu artistes and some of their worship tracks that never seems to fade.

1. Carol Wanjiru

She is from Uthiru, an urban centre in the outskirts of Nairobi City. Wanjiru shot to the limelight after releasing her evergreen 'Munduiriri' (My Fighter) track a couple of years ago.

According to the Kikuyu Musicians blog, Wanjiru composed the popular song from her personal experience during a painful broken engagement.

2. Paul Mwai

Mwai who had a tumultuous time throughout his childhood has several popular worship songs to his name.

Some of his greatest worship tunes include, 'I am in the Race', 'Thakame' among many others.

3. Pastor Isaac Kahura

He is a veteran Kikuyu worship music artist whose songs have withstood the test of time. Your heart may be as hard and impermeable as stone but once you encounter his music, you cannot help but join him in worshipping God.

'Mutharaba' (Cross) is one of his many worship songs that urges Christians to carry the 'heavy cross' of Jesus Christ without compromise regardless of their respective prevailing situations in life.

4. N D Githuka

Githuka, once a career police officer, has established himself deeply in Kikuyu worship music releasing one hit after another despite his murky start that had seen him give up on music for over five years.

'Mawiko', 'Ahiurania', Dekapoli are some of his latest and past worship tunes that shook the airwaves immediately after their release and thereafter.

5. Sammy Irungu

He hasn't been in the Kikuyu gospel music industry for very long but his popular worship tracks make him appear like he has been around for decades.

As a result, several artistes both established and upcoming ones, have been seeking 'collabos' with him apparently to ride on his popularity. 'Niwikite Magegania', 'Jakubu' are among his popular worship songs.