Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has said that her development scorecard speaks for itself. In an interview with Citizen TV on Tuesday, Waiguru said that she has done her best since she assumed office.

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 She said that the county was among the last when she was elected but she has put in much effort to transform the lives of the residents. She alluded that the county receives the least revenue compared to others but she has given her best. 

The governor said that she has initiated different projects in the infrastructure, health, and education among other sectors of the economy.

"When we started when we picked this county it was very far behind. In fact, it had been ranked among the latest just before the election of 2017 as the last county in terms of performance. 

"And so when we got in we started with a session of planning then we developed a sessional paper which we called 2032 where we planned what we can do with the resources that we have and I should mention at this point that Kirinyaga is among the counties that are not adequately funded. We are sixth from the bottom in terms of revenue. So in terms of development, we only have about sh.800 to Sh. 1 billion a year," she said.

On the issue of health workers strike, Waiguru said it was stage-managed by his political rivals. In part, she added that in cases of strikes people give notice then engage something she claims did not happen thus the termination of the 50 workers who did not return to work as ordered by the court.

"There is a process of going on strike- give notice then engage. The strike in Kirinyaga was politically instigated. For those who did not return to work, their services were terminated," she said

 She also reiterated her support for the handshake between Uhuru and Raila.