A widowed woman in Rusinga village, Igare in Bobasi, Kisii County county exposed and shamed a local pastor who has been allegedly seducing her since her husband died 3 months ago. 

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Rose Magoma (not her real name) on Tuesday said that the pastor Thomas Gwaro of PAG church has been chasing her for sex. 

"Gwaro presided over a wedding between me and my husband. Since the death of my husband, the pastor has been seducing me demanding sex from me," she said.

Ms. Magoma claimed that the pastor on Sunday after church service he requested her to remain behind. 

"I was shocked on Sunday when he told me he wants to inherit me after my husband's death," she added. 

According to Magoma, she will not accept any man in her life.

"I lost my husband and I can't betray him even if he is dead. I'm comfortable living with my three kids without a man," she noted. 

Area assistant chief Ben Gisemba said the matter has been reported to his office. 

"The widow has reported the matter. I have already summoned the pastor to appear in my office on Friday, February 8, 2019, before I will give more details," he noted. 

He regretted why the pastor would turn adulterous instead of being morally upright.