Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo has warned against interfering with the independence of the Judiciary.

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Lately, the Chief Justice David Maraga-led Judiciary has engaged in an all-out war with the Executive over budgetary allocations.

The National Treasury recently announced a drastic slash down of funds allocated to the Judiciary for recurring and development budget up to 50 per cent.

Kabogo noted Judiciary was a crucial arm of government and cautioned that interfering with courts will have a negative impact on the delivery of justice. 

"That’s recipes for chaos. The last place we should mess with is the Judiciary as it’s the protector of all," he tweeted on Thursday.

The former county boss was responding to a tweet by renowned lawyer Donald Kipkorir who raised suspicion that there were people sponsoring increasing criticism of the courts and judges by Kenyans on social media.

"Who is fighting the Judiciary? The Sponsors ought to know that in the absence of a functioning Judiciary, no one is safe, not even them .... The Judiciary ought to get the people behind it and its digital supporters and cite them for undermining the Judiciary. Anarchy destroys all," Kipkorir posted.

In another tweet, Kabogo hit out at the Executive for declaring war against the Judiciary warning it was setting a bad precedent for future regimes.

"I always told my fellow legislators that they should always legislate as if they’re doing it for their enemies because once the enemies get to power one way or the other they(enemies) would not use that legislation to oppress them," he remarked