President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC), to fast track payment of field officers in hardship areas.

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Addressing the nation on Friday from State House Mombasa, Uhuru wondered why the payments for the field allowances were yet to be made, despite the payments having already been agreed upon.

"Where are the Salaries and Remuneration people? Where is the field allowance for these people? We said that these people should be given their field allowances, why are you refusing to pay them? When will they be paid? "Watu wa salaries commission mko wapi? Field allowance ya hawa watu iko wapi?" Sasa wewe mama tulisema hawa watu wapatiwe field allowance mnakataa kuwapatia kwa nini? Watalipwa lini?" the Head of State posed.

President Kenyatta ordered the SRC officials to ensure the hardship allowances that had been agreed upon, are promptly paid this month.

The SRC chairLyn Menngich, who stood up, assured the president that the payments would be paid as agreed.

Field allowances are paid to officers working in places where they face great levels of danger as they discharge their duties.