Controversial Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria was on Saturday evening released from Kilimani Police Station where he spent the whole of Friday night after he was arrested earlier the same day following accusations of assaulting a woman at Royal Media Services (RMS) premises last year on December 8.

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The woman identified as Joyce Wanja, via a video that has gone viral on social media, says she had been invited at the media house alongside Kuria to discuss the BBI report on Inooro TV's 'Kiririmbi' political show when the incident happened.

According to Wanja, the MP assaulted her after she asked him to retract a demeaning statement he had made against women in the presence of children at a function to help orphans in Kiambu.

"He said some things that were not relevant to the event. To make the matter worse, those things are not supposed to be uttered in the presence of children," Wanja is heard saying in the video.

That said, what was worth noting about the vocal MP's arrest, was that it only happened after a hyped social media push by Kenyan netizens under the hash-tag #ArrestMosesKuria.

But even as the MP was being arrested, several unanswered questions would arise as to why RMS, a revered media house in the country, had opted to keep silent over criminality that unfolded right at its premises.

And since the S.K. Macharia-owned media house is yet to come out to refute the alleged assault claims, we can only assume that indeed the incidence happened but it apparently opted to remain silent. 

So, why would RMS have chosen silence over justice for their 'assaulted' guest? 

Here are three likely possibilities;

1. To protect the 'RMS' brand

It is essential for every enterprise worth its name to protect its reputation and RMS is not an exception. As such, the media house may have opted to remain silent in this regard as it would not have wanted to portray its premises as a haven of savagery where guests attack one another on slight provocation, which may have led to some, for instance, question the criteria they use to select their guests.

2. Past experiences with Moses Kuria

Before the NYS scandal, there is a time that Citizen TV had captured Kuria on video inciting a section of Gatundu South youth to attack with machetes all those who were opposed to NYS programmes that were being spearheaded by then Devolution CS Ann Waiguru.

When he was invited for an interview to clear the air after he had gone around the country antagonizing the TV channel accusing it of witchhunt and misreporting him, all of us can remember what happened during that particular interview.

This is the kind of scenario or even worse that RMS could have been trying to avoid by keeping the matter close to its chest.

3. The management may not have known about it

The fact that the incident happened on a Sunday when the administrative management will usually be away, there is a possibility that the editorial staff who may have witnessed the scuffle, knowing who Kuria is and what he is capable of, freaked out and opted for silence.