Have you ever wondered why these days there are so many young women on the streets of Nairobi walking hand-in-hand with very old men as lovers? 

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In the village, someone would easily say they are grandpa and granddaughter. In Nairobi, these are lovers.

The trend does not seem to be a Nairobi problem alone. The girls will tell you that even Melania married a very old Trump and it is just fine.

But what makes women go for older men?

1. Money

Some Nairobi girls have argued that the cost of survival in the city is very high. Some of those who enter these relationships are university students who come from poor families and with issues like school fees, accommodation and up-keep being a problem, they are left with no option but to seek a 'sponsor'.

2. Prestige

Sometimes a girl becomes obsessed with relationships from other races or countries that she picks whatever she finds. In Nairobi, it is very 'cool' to have a jungu lover, age not mentioned. So if a 65-year-old boy comes knocking through social media, the gates are always open. It adds status to the young person who has now gone 'international'. 

3. Father figure

Some women enter these relationships because they seek a father figure. In their childhoods, they could have lacked a father. If the father was there, he was abusive and didn't provide the fatherly warmth to the girl. These girls will therefore grow up and find relationships seeking to fill this father gap in life. 

4. Maturity

Some girls, especially those from hoods like Kibera, mature faster. The harsh slum environment compels them into beginning to do things at the tender ages. When they come into the dating age, they therefore find their agemate men to be too boring and childish. They prefer to date older men who 'reason and behave as mature people'. 

5. The thrill

Some Nairobi girls want to date older men just for the thrill of it. They are nonconformist and are curious to get that feeling that others get when they date old men.