Since Kisii Bottlers which was run by Coca Cola closed its operation in Kisii, there has been a high shortage of soda in the  Kisii and Nyamira counties.

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The Coco-Cola company dealers in Kisii and Nyamira counties are forcing traders to first purchase plastic bottled sodas before purchasing the normal soda which are sold everywhere in Kenya.

Most of the plastic sodas are meant for people who are on transit, why then is it a must, for small traders to take in those sodas at the expense of the normal sodas sold locally.

"We are suffering too much that we can't hold anymore. They force us to buy plastic bottled sodas which don't sell at all in Kisii and the surrounding places. This has been a mess to our business," said one trader in Kisii.

More than 700 Kisii Bottlers Ltd company employees were rendered jobless when the company closed down. 

It is now one year since Kisii Bottlers plant was closed down, Kisii county residents have since asked for re-opening its absence has affected the local economy.

Traders have also suffered extremely low supply and stock after the company moved its operations to Nyeri based Mount Kenya Bottlers. There is a serious shortage of soda and bottled water from the Almasi company, as a result of relocating the plant.