Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria is a very wealthy politician who has amassed a fortune from the oil sector, city lawyer Donald Kipkorir has claimed.

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Kipkorir, who claims to know the locations of all of Kuria's assets, disclosed details about the MP's wealth in an online conversation with him on Tuesday night.

It started after Kuria took a jab at the flamboyant lawyer, saying his 'contempt' for ordinary and struggling Kenyans was terminal.

"Don your contempt for ordinary, struggling Kenyans is terminal. Hold a meeting with yourself and search your conscience. It's not cool to hate on someone's kiosk business. At least he is not in the street mugging people. He is running a hustle. Politics aside," Kuria said.

In his response, Kipkorir said he always speaks the truth, unlike Kuria who pretends to be poor, so he can appear to be in conformity with majority of voters.

"Mheshimiwa, when we allow ourselves to be led by megalomaniacs, we are doomed as a country ... We must always speak the truth ... I don’t need votes and will not pretend .... I know you as an oil sector Billionaire but because you want votes from the poor, you want to behave like them," he posted.

In a quick rejoinder, Kuria did not deny he has invested and accumulated wealth from the oil sector, but doubted his net worth could be in billions.

"Ngai! Them? First I wish I was a billionaire. Its everybody's wish. Secondly you may not want votes but you are human and you will one day meet your maker for hating them," he said.

Not satisfied with Kuria's response, Kipkorir pressed the MP further to disclose details about his wealth, which he claimed includes a chain of petrol stations and a TV station.

"Moses! Moses! Be truthful like the great prophet? Do your voters know you have the highest number of petrol stations across Kenya? Do they know you own a TV station? Do they know your hundreds of employees know you as chairman? Or you dupe them by queuing with them for per diem?" the lawyer posted.