Staying healthy could be a challenge especially when you are unaware of how much proteins to include in your diet. A balanced diet helps in improving one's health.

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Proteins are so essential for body growth and maintenance, they are broken down and used in different ways.

When you are not getting enough proteins, watch foe these signs;

1. Weakness and fatigue

Reduced protein in your diet results to reduced body mass, slows metabolism and reduces strength. This leads to change in posture, movement and also limited access of cells to oxygen resulting to feeling of tiredness.

2. Skin, nails and hair problems

Protein deficiency results to thinning of hair, change of hair colour, brittle nails and also dried skin. This is because all these are largely made healthy by the presence of proteins in the body.

3. Swelling

This is one of the common signs your body exhibits when protein levels are low. Your legs, hands and feet will appear swollen due to the reduced circulation of albumin proteins that keep fluids from building up on your body tissues.

4. Mood changes

Lack of protein in your diet leads to changes in your moods. This is because the brain uses neurotransmitters that are made of amino acids to pass information from between cells. 

Reduced neurotransmitters will reduce transmission of information that can contribute to aggressiveness and mood change.