Mombasa County has been hit hard by insecurity issues. There are regions that are most affected by youthful gangs who inflict injuries to their victims and at times their attacks lead to death. 

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If you are a Mombasa resident or planning to visit the welcoming coastal city, you are advised to avoid Kwa-palestina, Mishomoroni, Kadzandan, Utange and Junda in Kisauni sub-county.

According to a report on the Standard, these regions have been taken over by gangs who demand that everyone must be indoors by 7 pm. 

Members of these criminal gangs are majorly armed with machetes ready to injure and kill if need be.

Other areas where you need to avoid as the night falls are Nyali and Likoni estates. They have been mentioned by human rights groups as among the regions with most killings. 

The groups claim that at least 15 people have lost their lives in the last one month mostly in Likoni and Kisauni sub-counties.

However, the police through Mombasa Police Commander Johnston Ipara state that they are in control of the situation and recently killed a suspected Wakali Wao leader only known as Dula. They claimed that they had been trailing the suspect for long and ranked him as the most wanted criminal in Mombasa County.

The notorious juvenile gangs in Mombasa County are wakali kwanza, congo, wajukuu wa bibi and wakali wao. They rule several streets and estates and do not tolerate opposition from anyone including police officers.