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KDF recruitment process goes sour to some residents in Kisii

Edwin Mokaya
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KDF officials recruiting Kenyans to the forces. (Source/

Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) recruitments in Kisii turned sour to some residents as the ladies were told by the officers in charge that they were not being recruited that day.

This happened at Nyamarambe field on Wednesday, Gucha South constituency, after the youths availed themselves in the field as early as 5.00 AM. The ladies also were present, looking forward to their recruitment to the forces.

The whole event turned sour to the ladies as they were ousted from the event, as the officers claimed, they didn't have any opportunities for ladies from that region. No one gave them clear explanations as to why the officers were not recruiting ladies. 

According to Fridah Kemuma a graduate from National Youth Service (NYS), the same applied the last recruitment day where equally the ladies were ousted from the field.

"I came to Nyamarambe field with an aim of being recruited. I had come here the first round and the heads said that they were not recruiting ladies and therefore we went back home. Today I came here looking forward to be recruited. However, they have said that ladies were not being recruited today. The problem is they are not giving clear reasons. What are our specific positions in this country or it is only in Kisii where ladies are not recruited?" Kemuma asked.

Kemuma lamented why ladies were locked out yet they were not given clear reasons for the same. She also said that she woke up early with an aim of getting recruited only that her anticipations were shuddered by the 'not recruiting ladies' slogan.

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