Expected to have attracted hundreds of family members and neighbours, the burial of Joseph Nyakundi, lawyer Assa Nyakundi's son, only brought together few family members.

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At Lang'ata cemetery on Tuesday, family members only embraced songs and preachings with speeches only limited to a few close family members, reports the Nation.

But a source close to the family says there was a standoff in which some members wanted the body of the deceased ferried home while his elder brother, Noah, maintained that Lang'ata was the only option.

Interestingly, lawyer Assa Nyakundi missed the funeral with the family still insisting that he was undergoing treatment at Nairobi Hospital over low blood pressure.

"There was a standoff. Elders wanted the body ferried home but organisers declined. This made many people to boycott the funeral," the source said, adding that it's a taboo to bury unmarried man out of ancestral home.

Elder Mouko Nyabochoa observes that any unmarried  person ought to be buried at the ancestral home, a reason perhaps why many family members opted to stay at home during the burial.

"It's true that if you die before being married, you're buried at the ancestral home. That's our tradition. Going against it is not for the best interest of the community," he opines.

Nyakundi reportedly shot dead his son accidentally although autopsy report contradicts his account. According to the report, there was a scuffle before Mr Joseph Nyakundi was shot dead by the father.

It's not clear if the police will open murder charges against the celebrated city lawyer. CCTV cameras also indicates that Nyakundi was not anywhere near Runda when the incident happened.