Prostate cancer is a leading public health concern affecting men, recording a number of death cases worldwide. 

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The disease occurs when the tissue cells of the prostate glands undergo uncontrollable proliferation. 

Prostate cancer tends to be common in old men but rare in young men. 

Diet is key when it comes to warding off this cancer. Certain foods have anticancer properties that may encapsulate the gland against Prostate cancer.

Garlic and onion can tremendously lower the risks of this cancer, research revealed, according to Daily Mail

Scholars noted that men should at least consume ten grams of garlic and onion on a daily basis to get ultimate protection against Prostate cancer. 

Dr Ann Hsing, a researcher conducted a study with the aim of finding out the potential effects of these two ingredients in warding off this deadly malady affecting men. 

The study gave a promising result as it was discovered they had antitumor properties and that they could attenuate the risk of prostate cancer.  

"Clearly, that's not very practical for most people, so I would suggest a clove of lightly cooked garlic and then good servings of the other allium vegetables," Dr Hsing said.

A study conducted by the Journal of the National Cancer Institute divulged that garlic and onion could help reduce prostate cancer risks by a greater percentage. 

Apart from just having garlic and onions, eating tomatoes, exercising and steering of consuming to much daily products could help you prevent Prostate cancer.