Most women if not all desire to have a long hair. This, therefore, makes them go for products that will result to hair growth. 

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Those with long hair have several struggles they go through every day. 

These include;

1. The hair gets stuck in almost everything

Long hair will get stuck in different places as such in zippers, on doors, windows, a neighbour in a matatu can sit on it if it is not braided at the end. It might even get wet or even burn when preparing a meal.

2. Most hair ties don't fit right

Most of the times women with long hair will have to use two or more hair ties to hold the hair. Some of the hair ties might break or just get lost due to the big load of hair to hold.

3. Most people don’t believe it’s real

Women with long hair attract a lot of attention from their friends as well as strangers since they might not believe it is real. This, therefore, makes them want to touch and ask a series of questions on what was done for it to be long.

4. They tend to run out of hair products quickly 

Women with long hairs have to buy hair products such as shampoo and conditioners so often since the hair need much of them. Most women prefer buying these products in bulk to avoid disappointments when the products get used up.

5. Drying takes a lot of time

Long hair is not like short hair where you just wash, dry with the towel and move on. For it, you ought to wash and take your time to dry it unless you are not bothered with making your clothes wet. Blow drying long hair takes time for long hair.