Kisumu Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o enters the third year of his reign having been elected in 2017 to replace his predecessor Jack Ranguma.

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Last year, the governor seemed to have lost the support of a good chunk of Kisumu residents, by a look at reactions on his social media posts.

If he is to regain the trust of his voters again. This is what he should do:

1. Prevent medical officers’ strikes

Under Nyong’o’s reign, Kisumu County has been characterized by doctors, nurses and clinical officers’ strikes. It is only recently that doctors called off a strike that had lasted 23 days.

In 2020 and going forward, the Governor should put his act together and ensure that the medical officers do not go on strike at all costs. A person who loses a close relative due to lack of doctors in public hospitals will, without doubt, withdraw his trust and support for the governor.

2. Resettle traders

Last year, many small scale traders were left jobless and money-less after their kiosks were demolished to pave way for the refurbishment of the Kisumu Port. Some of them were resettled while others were not.

The onus is on the governor to ensure they are resettled for them to continue fending for the families and dependants.

3. Put in measures to reduce the effects of floods

Last year, a section of Kisumu residents were greatly affected by floods with houses being submerged. Others lost lives and property. Going forward, the governor with his officers should enlist a pro-active approach to the issue as compared to a reactive one. Under his leadership, the County government should do drainages in flood-prone areas such as Kano, well in advance.