Kimilili Member of Parliament Didmus Barasa has disclosed there is a well laid out plan to ensure Amani National Congress (ANC) party leader Musalia Mudavadi joins Deputy President William Ruto's camp ahead of 2022 general election.4

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Speaking to the People Daily on Monday, Barasa, who is a close ally of Ruto, said despite Mudavadi's refusal they will put every effort until he accepts to join the 'winning team'.

“We will not give up on Mudavadi. We will continue pursuing him the same way a man pursues a woman until he accepts to work with the DP," he said.

The MP said their secret card was to prevail upon the Luhya community to rally behind Ruto, noting once that is accomplished the ANC boss will succumb to pressure and accept to endorse Ruto's bid.

"We will continue persuading the Mulembe nation to accept Ruto, so that once we convince the Luhyia community, Mudavadi will have no option but to come into the fold,” Barasa said. 

He added that even though the former Vice President was always reluctant in taking bold political moves, they will not let go of him.“He likes waiting in the wings hoping to be identified as a compromise candidate. However, we are telling him that we have reserved space for him as our eldest political brother (Luhyia community) to spearhead our bargain with the DP,” Barasa insisted.

During a tour in Vihiga County on Saturday, Ruto asked Mudavadi to make a wise political move and join his camp which he exuded optimism will form the next government.

“The first time I came here was in 2007 when we were campaigning for a Raila Odinga presidency where Musalia Mudavadi was to become the Deputy. Now I have come back to ask Mudavadi to join my team so that we can form a government,” the DP said during a rally in Sabatia constituency.

In a quick rejoinder, Mudavadi ruled out forming an alliance with the DP and termed the proposition as 'cheeky and ridiculous'. 

"My agenda and convictions are miles apart from Dr Ruto’s. Ruto is part of the Jubilee government that has put the country into serious economic crisis through debt and corruption," he said through his spokesperson Kibisu Kabatesi.