Third Way Alliance Party Leader Ekuru Aukot has thrown his weight behind West Pokot politician Dennis Ruto Kapchok, alias 'Mulmulwas', a day after Deputy President William Ruto castigated him for allegedly fighting county projects.

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Kapchok gained popularity following an attack by West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo who a few months ago complained that the latter has been maximising on his joblessness to trouble his leadership.

Aukot disagreed with the DP's offer to secure the former ward representative hopeful a job on the condition that he stops his opposition of county initiatives, observing that Ruto was using the job narrative to buy Kapchok over.

The former presidential hopeful lauded Kapchok, whose nickname translates to a round and shapeless thing, noting that he is a friend who is doing a great oversight job in the county and should be left to continue with the job.

"Millions of Kenyan youth are jobless. How many youths can William Ruto employ in political rallies? My friend 'Mulmulwas' is doing a fantastic job fighting theft of public money. Let's not bribe him in rallies," he tweeted on Saturday.

In his speech during a tour of West Pokot, Ruto lashed out at Kapchok, terming his interference in county operations as silly.

"Bwana 'Mulmulwas' atatafutiwa kazi lakini awache kupinga miradi ya serikali. Kazi sio kuzuia sewer system isijengwe...hiyo siyo kazi...ama niaje? Hiyo ni upuzi (A job will be sought for 'Mulmulwas' but he must stop fighting government projects. His job is not preventing the construction of a sewer system...that's not a job..what do you think? That's being silly)," said Ruto.