It is a politically sensitive question that has triggered impassioned debate amongst Kenyans.

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Will President Uhuru Kenyatta support the candidature of his deputy William Ruto who has every intention to be on the presidential ballot in 2022?

There are fears among Ruto's supporters that the president may not support his deputy as he had promised in the build-up to the 2013 and 2017 elections.

Those fears are not ill-founded; the DP's supporters have reason to be skeptical about Uhuru's support.

David Murathe, who is the governing Jubilee Party vice-chair and a close ally of the president, has come out strongly to say that there is no MoU that Uhuru will support Ruto in 2022, the only MoU is on power-sharing.

Listening to Murathe speak with conviction about Ruto not being supported one has the feeling that he could be speaking for the president.

I feel that because after the handshake, Uhuru abandoned talk about ensuring that Ruto governs for two five-year terms after he leaves power in 2022.

During an interview at State House in Mombasa, he adamantly refused to say who he will be supporting for the presidency in 2022. 

If he is surely not going to renege on his pledge to support Ruto, why was he not ready to say that again?

The president himself has a history of promising to support someone and then going back on that promise.

That's exactly what he did in 2013 when he promised to support Mudavadi for the presidency only to change his mind days later.

He may very well do the same to Ruto in 2022.