Genge music star Jua Kali has expressed concerns on how Tanzanian star Mbosso completely failed to perform in a show in Malindi. 

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Mbosso was expected to perform during the Easter Festival at Ocean Beach Resort in Malindi but the singer did not perform due to payment issues with the event organizers. 

Speaking to Mseto Show with Willy M Tuva, Jua Kali said it was not right for Mbosso to decline to perform after the organizers did not meet the target of what he needed as payments.

He said Wasafi the Classic Baby (WCB) recruit could have at least stepped on stage for the sake of the fans regardless of the amount he had received.

"The right thing to do is stepping on stage because the fans don't know how much you are paid, they only want to see you on stage performing, if you have been paid something, perform as per what they have paid you," he said.

Mbosso asked for forgiveness from his fans for failing them. He said it was not his wish to skip the performance. 

"Poleni sana Mashabiki wangu Muliotoka Sehemu mbalimbali kuja kujumuika nami najua ni kiasi gani mmejisikia vibaya ila sikuwa na budi nilazima nifate kanuni za uongozi (Am sorry my fans, you cancelled your plans to come and see me only for me to fail, it was not my wish)," he had said. 

Jua Kali expressed the same concern with Harmonize, who also at one time in last year failed to step on stage in Eldoret over payment issues.