A new report from the Worldwide Broadband Speeds League has revealed countries with high internet speeds.

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The report ranked Kenya's internet speeds as the second fastest in Africa, with Madagascar taking first place.

According to the report, the average speeds of 10.11 Mbps also saw Kenya ranked 64th worldwide.

The report notes that Madagascar's underwater EASSy cable that supplies urban centers with broadband speeds as a key driver behind the top ranking.

On average, Madagascar's speeds stand at 24.87 Mbps. The speeds ranked Madagascar 22nd globally.

A typical HD movie file of 5GB takes around 1 hour and seven seconds to download in Kenya while the same file takes only 27 minutes to download in the island nation

South Africa, Cape Verde, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Namibia, Burundi, Mauritius and Uganda complete the list of top ten countries in Africa.

Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Romania, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Hungary, and Jersey completed the global top 10.

Kenya has dropped 13 positions compared to the last report released in 2016.