A woman in her late 20s was forced to run for her dear life after her father-in-law chased her from home for allegedly dressing 'skimpily'.

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The incident happened on Tuesday evening at Nyakembene, Boikanga in South Mugirango, Kisii County. 

Neighbors said Esther Nyabate returned home from Etago market dressed 'skimpily' when her father-in-law Allan Mosoti chased her. 

"Esther has been living with her husband's parents for 3 months now since her husband went to work in Nakuru. Mosoti has since been complaining about her bad dress code. He chased her from home after she came home dressed in a miniskirt, a top which exposed her shoulders and breasts," stated Leah Bonareri.

Bonareri said children Esther could not stop since Mosoti was armed with a walking stick. 

"Mosoti could have given her a thorough beating were it not that she fled from home," she noted. 

Mr.Mosoti argued that Esther should change her dress code before he could allow her back home. 

"My son didn't marry a prostitute who can walk naked in front of me. She must change her dress code," he said.

Maoro Oyieyo, a local chief said Esther has not returned home since she was chased from home. 

"No one knows about Esther's whereabouts following humiliation. Women should learn to dress well especially when living with their husband's parents," said Maoro.