Political analyst Ambrose Weda now says that Malindi lawmaker Aisha Jumwa's current troubles can be directly attributed to Deputy President William Ruto.

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The MP was a few weeks ago expelled from the opposition's Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party over allegations of supporting a rival party in contravention to ODM laws.

Speaking on Wednesday, Weda said that Jumwa's main blunder was to endorse Deputy President William Ruto's 2022 presidential bid, a mistake that is now costing her.

He noted that the party considered her hostile solely for throwing her wait behind a man it seeks to front a candidate against in the much awaited race.

"What angered the party was her endorsing Ruto which it seeks to prevent from the presidency. The party is angry that one of its own members is supporting a future rival," he said.

Weda who doubles up as an advocate of the High Court was speaking in an interview on KBC English Service's The Big Conversation Show, Wednesday morning.

However, he bashed the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga-led bloc for reverting to the ancient mode of punishment, accusing the opposition boss of insincerity.

"The issue of expulsion is one of the things we have been trying to get away from. Its bad to see that Raila who has been advocating for democracy is now back, consuming the same democracy," he added.

Jumwa on Tuesday rejected an opportunity to apologise to the party after Raila extended an olive branch to her, saying that the party would reconsider its initial decision if she apologises.