Finding the right partner is not easy. The small mistakes you make while dating him could cost you. 

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If you want to be treated right in a relationship, then you must lead by example.  

Women often regret when they are dumped without knowing that they are the source of their woes. 

These three behaviours will scare away Mr Right for good:

1. Acting desperate

No man wants to date a desperate woman

Do not make him feel like life cannot continue if you stopped dating him. 

Some women treat their men like gods. He will leave you for another woman once he realises you are too much into him. 

Give him space, and you will realise happiness in the long run.

2. Lack of trust

Trust is one of the pillars of a relationship. You must learn to trust your man if you want to keep him forever. 

The small acts that show you do not trust him could lead to a nasty breakup. 

It is good to show your man that you have never doubted his actions at all.

3. Overreacting

 Problem-solving capabilities can make or break a relationship. 

Some women do not know how to handle arguments in a relationship. 

If you are going to overreact when he makes small mistakes, then you risk losing him to another woman.