Celebrated Luo musician Suzanna Owiyo has joined the crusade of those calling for the arrest and prosecution of Joe Mwangi, following allegations that he exploited gymnast Wendy Waeni.

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Mwangi was Wendy's manager and according to Suzzana, she received a request to support Wendy’s foundation only to turn out that the request was sent out by Mwangi and not the talented gymnast.

The request was sent out via social media in the gymnast's name. The 14-year-old has since indicated that all her social media pages were managed by Mwangi insisting that she was not in control of what was being posted online.

“So unfortunate. All along I thought I was in communication with Wendy kumbe (so) it was #joemwangi I did get the request to support her Foundation project,” Owiyo posted on Twitter.

The post was accompanied by several screenshots of the alleged communication between the singer and the gymnast.  Joe Mwangi should rot in jail period. A heartless character who took advantage of Wendy, a talented young brilliant girl to enrich himself. Bure kabisa,” she said in another post.

Appearing on Citizen TV’s Jeff Koinage Show on Wednesday, Waeni said that she had performed in various places around the world but she leads a poor life after being exploited by Mwangi.

Mwangi has since denied the allegations.