Emerging details indicate that notable politicians are also among Kenyans who have registered losses following the demolitions for the expansion of the Kisumu Port in Kisumu County.

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Among them is Kisumu Senator Fred Outa, who had a stake in the Roan Club which had just set up a joint at the Kenya Railways Corporation land after relocating from the CBD.

The Sh3 billion port is expanding into the same land, hence the ongoing demolitions that have since seen the fall of the once-popular Lwangni Beach eateries.

The other victim is former Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo, whose TLC Bar and Restaurant was pounced on by the demolisher's machines on Wednesday night, after the Kenya Railways Corporation cancelled their lease agreement.

The sudden 9pm attack saw revellers who had been enjoying themselves at the joint make away with unpaid bills, after the demolition squad began their operations by cutting off the power supply, sending the joint into darkness.

Also counting losses is Nairobi businessman William Osewe who had just opened a branch of his Ranalo Foods in the area. The hotel and the expansive bar was not spared either.

Members-only Railways Club was also not spared, only weeks after the corporation recovered a plot of land allegedly grabbed by East African Legislative Assembly and former Bondo MP Oburu Oginga.