Kesses Member of Parliament Dr Swarup Mishra has joined a list of politicians hitting out at Mombasa governor Ali Hassan for disrespecting Deputy President William Ruto.

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Speaking during a Sunday service at St. Thomas Catholic Church in Cheptiret, Mishra wondered why the ODM county boss is fond of attacking and abusing the DP. 

"How can you abuse a full Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya and yet you are just a mere governor? Shame on you Joho," said Mishra who challenged the governor to come out and apologize publicly to the DP for disrespecting him.

"The handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and the opposition Chief Raila Odinga was not meant to abuse the DP but for the betterment and development of the country, therefore, insults, abuses and name calling are not part of it," he added.

The Jubilee MP further warned politicians against early 2022 succession campaigns saying "how can you sit for an exam where there are no classes and candidates?"

He urged politicians to work for the electorates noting that it's only God and Kenyans who will determine their president come 2022.