A petition to have Mama Ngina Waterfront renamed was on  Friday afternoon submitted to the Mombasa County Assembly clerk.

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Non-governmental agencies, Okoa Mombasa Movement, Haki Africa, FABCOM, MUHURI and Haki Yetu Org presented their petition to have the refurbished Mama Ngina Waterfront renamed to reflect the coastal history.

The petition which was submitted by Okoa Mombasa Movement and MUHURI Chairman Khelif Khalifa, has suggested three names to be considered while renaming the park.

"We want the name to be changed, from Mama Ngina iwe either, Mekatilili wa Menza waterfront park, or the original name which was Mzimli Waterfront park or Mombasa waterfront park. It should reflect the history of the place,"  said Khalifa.

He also added that after renaming the park, they will then proceed to other places with similar petitions so that names are not imposed to regions and kill their history and culture.

"We all call the county to call for public participation, it is very important, people should choose the name for the park, but we are not happy names to be imposed because of their wives, political considerations or anything," he added.

Mombasa County Assembly clerk Salim Juma while receiving the petition said it followed all due processes. 

He said it will be handed to the county Speaker next week on Monday.

Petition submitted to rename Mama Ngina Waterfront