Panic, anxiety and uncertainty are words that can best describe the current situation in Nyamira County as Governor John Nyagarama seeks to stamp authority.

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So radical has been Nyagarama even in terms of financial management, that even the Senate Public Accounts Committee found him 'clean' last week.

The Moses Kajwang-led committee even suggested that Nyagarama is one of the best performing county boss who has never received such credit.

"We have scrutinized the reports even the Auditor General for the first time found no mistakes in spending. Nyamira is one of the best run government," he said.

On the ground, Nyagarama has often faced stiff resistance, with his critics accusing him of incompetence, maladministration, nepotism and corruption.

Last week, Speaker Moffat Teya, in a tough letter to the governor, warned that he either reinstates over 500 ECDE teachers or he faces impeachment.

But in a rejoinder, Nyagarama's right hand man and his son, Gideon Nyagarama, accused the Speaker of putting the governor under unnecessary duress.

"Some of these teachers were employed using short cuts, some are not even registered with TSC. We have some who are still in school. Let them wait until the system is cleansed."

The challenges, nonetheless, have not interfered with radical change of Nyagarama, who no longer guarantees his allies future like in the past.

Last month, Nyagarama failed to renew contracts of his long term allies including former Chief of Staff Job Ong'ombe, his assistant Kefa Mocheche and long time political advisor Joash Gisore.

An advisor, who had also his contract not renewed, was almost being nominated as Chief Officer but his name was dropped last minute under unclear circumstances.

"I was in that list until 10 am the material day. I was dropped but I don't understand why. However, let the governor do his job. Let him fix things for the sake of legacy," he said.

On Tuesday, Nyagarama advertised all positions for cabinet ministers with one month to the end of contracts for the current occupants. The announcement met many with surprise.

And insider, who did not wish to be named, says that there is panic and confusion all over since workers no longer understand the module operation of the governor.

"He's unpredictable. Anything can happen anytime. There is panic and confusion. I really don't know whether or not this is positive or negative for his legacy."