Not all relationship work out as planned. As a result, most of them get cut off along the way. 

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If this happens to you as a woman, the next thing to do is to unfollow that particular guy on your Instagram page. 

When it comes to making this decision, you should never think twice because of many reasons. 

Here are reasons as to why you should unfollow the guy that you almost dated.

1. To avoid getting jealous

One reason as to why you should unfollow the guy is because of protecting your feeling. 

One is likely to get suspicious whenever the guy happens to post a picture of himself with another girl. 

Hence, to avoid getting jealous unfollowing him is the best solution.

2. To avoid stalking him

After people decide to part ways, the chances of getting tempted to hunt each other are always high. 

For that reason, to save yourself from such temptation, unfollowing him as early as possible is usually the best solution.

3. You won’t get pressured of posting memes targeting him

After a breakup, women are usually tempted teasing a guy with memes directed to him. 

However, to avoid such conduct, one can unfollow him to let what happened to go easily.