Businessman Paul Kobia has come out to interpret what  President Uhuru Kenyatta meant at his Kasarani outburst during the Akorino annual conference on Sunday.

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According to Kobia, the President was indirectly sending a message to Deputy President William Ruto and his army of MPs who have been drumming support for his 2022 bid.

Further, Kobia noted, Uhuru's outburst was also a message for Kieleweke team which is antagonising TangaTanga.

"This is what the President meant: Elected leaders such as MPs wana tangatanga(they are roaming around) and there is Kieleweke. Every Sunday they talk about 2022, they are not launching any project. They are following one man while leaving their constituencies without water, roads, electricity," said the tycoon on Tuesday on the Banana Peddler. 

Kobia offered that President Uhuru was tired with MPs from both factions lazying around campaigning for or against DP Ruto's 2022 bid while the electorate continues suffering.

"The President was talking about the Deputy President. He said in Kikuyu, was it not for me you wouldn't have gotten votes. He is the President and this habit of campaigning for 2022 should stop. He(Ruto) is campaigning at the wrong time, he has the office of the Deputy President, he should do the work of development because he has the budget," Kobia said.