Bahati constituency member of Parliament Kimani Ngunjiri is a vocal Jubilee party member. He doesn't hesitate to speak his mind without fear. Despite his allegiance to his party leader, he does not fear to express his opinion even though it contradicts with the party policies.

He has shown massive support for William Ruto amidst strong opposition from some anti-Ruto Jubilee members. He has stood at William Ruto's side at thick times. 

When David Murathe swore to block William Ruto from contesting  2022 general election, Ngunjiri trooped in challenging the president to come out and take charge over succession debate.

"It is Uhuru who said we will support Ruto for presidency 2022. He ignited this fire and now he must put it off," Ngujiri said.

Ngunjiri has consistently supported William Ruto against corruption-related allegations challenging the president to come out and tell Kenyans if Ruto is corrupt or not, he has been terming Uhuru Kenyatta's fight against corruption as hypocrisy.

" What is hypocrisy for? you are the only person who can talk and tell us the way forward. Come out and tell us what you know. If Ruto stole, tell us if it's true. But don't let Kenyans be divided along tribal lines. Don't cheat Kenyans that you are uniting them because you are not," Ngujiri poses.

Despite some of Jubilee leaders who seem to be against William Ruto's presidential bid, Ngunjiri has always sided himself with Ruto promising his support come 2022 and often protects Ruto from scathing attacks from critics. He is undoubtedly Ruto's loyal Kikuyu MP from Jubilee party.