Finding the best person to spend your life with comes with many things you consider but at times it happens without even you realizing. Some people find comfort by having a hook up after a break up while others could just be passing time before they settle down.

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If you notice these signs in your hook up, then it is getting serious;

1. Your friends ask about their whereabouts

Most of your friends will ask about the whereabouts of the person you are in a casual relationship with. This is because they are used to seeing you together, doing things together almost all times.

2. You communicate so often

If you notice that you have been communicating with each other so often or even when you feel comfortable after talking to them then is a sign you are not getting enough of each other.

3. They remember your little details

When the person you are seeing in your casual relationship remembers the little details about you even some of which you don't remember sharing out is a sign they consider you a part of them and you can trust them with to keep all details at hand.

4. You find time to hang out with them

If you try the best you can to find time in your busy schedule so that you hang out together, inform each other of your travel plans, is a pretty sign you are past the courting stage.

5. You find giving them a space in your future

Once you find out that you are planning your future and you are comfortably including them is a sign you are ready to share your life together. You might also end up daydreaming about them and you do not hate or rubbish off such a thing.