In our society today, 90% of young men and less number of women engage in betting as part of their daily routine regardless of whether they are employed or unemployed. 

This leads to addiction despite the many dangers that come with betting.

Below are some of the negative effects of betting:

1. Idleness

Betting leads to idleness among the youths making them not to look for jobs because of getting too comfortable.

They tend to rely on the money they get from betting which in most cases is never sufficient.

2. Poverty

People who are addicted to betting spend most of their income making bets hence remaining with so little for their basic needs.

In Kenya for instance, cases of youths committing suicide after using all their money on bets which don't go as expected have been on the rise.

Betting will make you spend your hard earned money without the assurance that you will get it back.

3. High suicide rates

As earlier mentioned, suicide rates in Kenya are on the rise due to making wrong choices.

Most Kenyan youths spend a lot of money on betting only to end up losing everything in the end.

This then leads to depression and fear of being judged by others hence making these people opt to commit suicide.

Some students even spend their parents' hard earned money meant for school fees on betting, and the thought of disappointing the poor parents makes them commit suicide.