Gospel crooner and EMB Entertainment manager, Bahati, has released a new song titled, 'Diana' in an effort to woo back his lovebird Diana who had separated temporarily according to their reality show, 'Being Bahati'. 

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In the song, Bahati describes the split between them as unexpected and unfortunate, and he blatantly admits that he was the cause of the separation. 

Bahati' s lyrical alignment matches exactly what could be going on in many young couples' relationships with the views of separation and painful heartbreaks being given precedence. 

In one of the show's episodes, the separation was evident, beginning with the negligence attitude of Bahati where Diana, who is a young mother, asked for Bahati's support in the upbringing of their baby. 

Also, Bahati's busy music career could be a contributing factor in their discomforting marriage.

According to Kenyans on Twitter(KOT), the drama between the two is not over yet. 

Diana took to the social site and gave her side of the story. 

Part of the Instagram post reads, ''Okaaaayyy!!!! So kidogo kidogo , pale Youtube people want me to live their marriage experiences? 😂😂😂 Once you get a baby, esp the first one, it’s a whole different experience altogether and the least your partner can do is support you emotionally. Some women out here even men suffer from postpartum depression the first few months. And before you know it, you get emotionally drained and some even lock themselves up and cry their heart out... ''